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Section 1 - User & Owner Rights & Responsibilities
In accordance of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, OtakuElite is not directly responsible for content submitted by its users. Users are responsible for any content they submitted to the site. Owners of copyrighted material may request remove of their content by following the instructions under the DMCA policy.

Users may request to remove other content that may be considered as libel by contacting us using the link on the privacy policy page. All requests may or may not be approved based on a case by case basis.

Users may not submit content that includes any form of pornography, hate speech, violence, profanity, abuse, malicious statements, threats, predatory attempts, stalking, encouragement of violence or self abuse, libel, advertising, flooding, or any other content that OtakuElite finds is not suitable.

Users are responsible to keep up to date with any changes made to the site's policies. These changes can be viewed on the site update page.

Section 2 - Privacy Policy
By creating a new account the user agrees that they have read the privacy policy before creating their new account. It is the duty of the user to remain up to date on any changes made. OtakuElite will notify all users of changes through the site updates page.

Section 3 - Rights of OtakuElite
OtakuElite holds the right to alter any content submitted to the site to provide greater accuracy of information and to confirm to other parts of the terms of service. OtakuElite also holds the right to block, ban, or remove user accounts without their permission, and as well as changing the terms of service.

Section 4 - Legal Disclaimer
OTAKUELITE IS NOT LIABLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF ITS USERS. OtakuElite is not responsible for any system crashes or end user technical issues. This site is submitted as is, and we are not held responsible for damages that occur from the actions of our users. By using this site you accept these risks.
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