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New error pages
You will no longer get those ugly 404 and 500 page errors. The new error pages are fully equipped with a new error log system.
  • User friendly error pages.
  • Users can submit feedback for errors.
  • Logged in users can update their prior reports and add additional details.
The new system works on a two tier system. The 1st tier is the general error that is submitted to the database letting us know what pages the errors occurred, how many times the error occurred, the first and last time the error occurred, and the prior page the user visited before receiving the error.

The 2nd tier submits user specific information. This includes how many times each user gets the error, the first time the error occurred, the last time it occurred, and user submitted remarks. Users are tracked by both their user ID and IP address. This means a new error instance is created for each IP you access the site from.

If you are logged in and received the error more than once your prior comments will be shown. You can add to them or edit them. You can also click the report button more than once if you make an error. Users not logged in will not be able to view prior reports due to privacy reasons.

Remember! This is no replacement for the forum bug reports. Continue to report bugs like normal. But as bugs are worked on the site the error logs will provide extra information to help track down those pesky bugs!


Posted on 10/17/13, Over 1 month ago
Removed error logging and user remarks for database images. This is to reduce the number of unnecessary reports as these missing images are intended as part of the site functionality.
Posted on 10/17/13, Over 1 month ago
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