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I'm still in the process of implementing social login support. At this time only Google is available. Other sites will be added in the near future.

In order to connect your Google account you will need to logout. After you have logged out you will need to select the drop down arrow next to login and select Google. You will be asked to select you Google account. After you have been authenticated using OpenID you will be asked to login. 

After you login you will be asked once again to select your Google account. After the 2nd time selecting your account your information will be linked and you will be able to login using Google instead of your password.

Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft are planned in the future for login support. Other sites like Tumblr will likely be included after additional oauth support is added to the site. This is a very slow process but it should prove to greatly improve the site once completed.


PS: Please note this is still a work in progress and the process will become much easier once the other sites have been added.
Posted on 10/23/13, Over 1 month ago
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