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Blog Update Part I: Tag filters
Didn't get as much as I wanted to this weekend. But I'm still in the process of slowly getting myself back into coding so you'll have to bare with me.

For this tiny update you'll be able to now click on tags on blog posts to search for other posts by that user with similar tags. I plan on adding a new settings page for blogs specifically. I'm holding off on the ability to add tags to the side bar since I want to add it as part of a new widget system. To keep things simple the first widget will be the option to add a custom HTML box to the side bar. You will be able to use that to add custom tag links. To link to a specific tag to your blog it'll be...


Your user id is the number shown in the URL next to the "u" querystring.


I plan to add more features include the YT embeds very soon. I'm still looking into updating the blog editor to the latest version and include a custom YT embed plugin that is very powerful and easy to use.

Until next time!
Posted on 02/18/14, Over 1 month ago
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