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Alternate Titles:
スピリットパクト - Japanese
Ling Qi - Japanese
灵契 - Mandarin Chinese

Content Rating: Mature

Synopsis: You Keika is a renowned at being a failed exorcist who desperately tries to make a living by fortune telling and doing personal computer repairs. One day he sees a silver-haired man, Tanmoku Ki, fighting an evil spirit. Thinking it was a movie with real cool cgi, he interferes and lets the evil spirit escape. Tanmoku Ki tells him to leave and then disappears into the night. You Keika, in deep thought on his way home tragically dies and finds himself awake in a hospital with Tanmoku Ki, he tells You Keika that "If you don't want to disappear, you should become my spirit shadow."

Audiences: Josei, Seinen
Genre: Action, Comedy, Supernatural
Themes: Demons, Shounen-Ai, Spirits

Original Run: 1/7/2017 to 3/11/2017
Episodes: 10 Duration: 24 minutes
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