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Dragon Ball Z - Super Android 13

Alternate Titles:
Dragon Ball Z Movie 7: Super Android 13 - English
DBZ: Utmost Limits of Battle!! The Three Super Saiyajin - English
Dragon Ball Z: Super Battle of Three Super Saiyas - English
Dragon Ball Z: Kyokugen Battle! San Daichō Seiyajin - Japanese

Content Rating: Teen

Synopsis: After the death of Dr. Gero two of his prior creations Android 14 and 15 have been awakened and have started causing mayhem as they seek out Goku to seek out revenge for the Red Ribbon Army. In order to protect innocent bystanders Goku convinces them to take the battle to the Arctic where they are quickly defeated. But, little does Goku know that a third android, Android 13 still exists and has absorbed the powers of both Android 14 and 15. Goku now faces Android 13 with the power of 3 androids.

Audiences: Shōnen
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Themes: Androids, Martial Arts, Special Powers

Original Run: 7/11/1992
Duration: 46 minutes
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