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Black Clover

Alternate Titles:
ブラッククローバー - Japanese

Content Rating: Mature

Synopsis: Asta and Yuno were dropped off at a church when they were infants. They have no idea who their parents are or where they came from. 15 years later they become best friends and rivals; they both want to become the Wizard King. Although their goals are the same, they do see real differences between each other, Yuno has great magic potential and Asta has virtually no magic whatsoever. They become of age to receive a grimoire, Yuno gets an astounding and rare 4 leaf clover grimoire, while Asta doesn't get anything. It isn't until a would be thief tries to take Yuno's grimoire from him that Asta obtains an ultra rare 5 leaf clover grimoire. The day comes when they go see if they both can qualify to become Magic Knights. Yuno is wanted by every guild, while poor Asta was refused and laughed at, but through grit and loud determination he was able to join one; the Black Bulls.

Original Run: 10/5/2017
Duration: 24 minutes
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