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5 Centimeters Per Second

Alternate Titles:
5cm per Second - English
Five Centimeters Per Second - English
Byousoku 5 cm - Japanese
秒速5センチメートル - Japanese

Content Rating: Teen

Synopsis: Tono Takaki and Shinohara Akari have been close since childhood but are separated against their will by their families. The two manage to keep in touch with one another over the years through letters but continue to grow apart as time goes by. Despite the distance, Takaki continues to yearn for Akari, even as his life progresses towards close relationships with other girls like Sumida. How will Takaki and Akari’s relationship flourish throughout the years? Only time will tell.

Audiences: Shōjo, Shōnen, Josei, Seinen
Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice-of-Life

Original Run: 3/3/2007
Duration: 62 minutes
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