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23 Slaves and Me

Alternate Titles:
Dorei-ku: Boku to 23-nin no Dorei - Japanese
奴隷区 僕と23人の奴隷 The Animation - Japanese
Doreiku: Boku to Nijuusannin no Dorei - Japanese
Doreiku The Animation - Japanese

Content Rating: Mature

Synopsis: Imagine a world where you could make anyone your slave, all you would have to do is challenge them to a duel and it could happen. There is a device called SCM (slave control method) that is placed into the duelers mouth. With the SCM the winner will have full control over the loser and can make them do anything they want!

Audiences: Josei, Seinen
Genre: Drama, Psychological

Original Run: 4/13/2018
Duration: 25 minutes
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